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Meet our Principal Staff

Management Solutions (Qld) is based in Brisbane, Queensland.
Our staff includes a small, dedicated and passionate team.

Kate Charters
Principal, Organisational Management and Executive Services

Kate Charters is a Director of Management Solutions (Qld) Pty Ltd, a professional development and training company with particular interest in regional and rural issues at public policy and service delivery levels. Kate has worked at senior levels in government in policy and management and conducted a number of organisational and service reviews across a range of agencies including community groups, peak bodies, government and tertiary institutions. Kate's interests are particularly in maintaining program and service integrity in the transition from policy to implementation and creating environments which optimize organisations' abilities to be creative and motivated to set and achieve their goals.

Kate chairs the National Steering Committee for the Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia (SEGRA) conference. SEGRA is Australia's premier conference and is recognised as Australia's most credible independent voice on issues affecting regional Australia.

Tony Charters AM
Principal, Consulting

Tony Charters has over 25 years' experience in nature-based recreation and sustainable tourism planning, development and management across the public, private and non government sectors. Over the past 15 years, he has contributed significantly to the development of more sustainable practices and professionalism within the tourism industry, both nationally and internationally. Tony has a history of innovation and success conceiving and contributing to leading edge projects that have pushed the boundaries of protected area management and sustainable recreation and tourism. These include:

  • developing benchmark ecotourism initiatives;
  • providing leadership in industry development;
  • driving strategic and destination planning for sustainable tourism and;
  • initiating stakeholder engagement and partnership development

Tony also undertakes industry conferences driven by policy agendas and relevant current industry issues. He initiated the Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia national conference, now in its twelfth year, and continues to successfully convene the Tourism Futures Conference, now in its eight year. He has also convened many national and international conferences for Ecotourism Australia and is currently the convenor of the organisation's Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference. Tony serves on the Board of Ecotourism Australia and of The International Ecotourism Society.

Tony is the Principal of Tony Charters and Associates which retains specialists in tourism research; planning and development; nature and ecotourism; sustainability; climate change and certification. We assist leading tourism operators; protected area managers, tourism commissions and industry bodies with: destination development and marketing; strategic planning; sustainability; bridging the public and private sectors; eco-lodge design; climate change response; media commentary and advocacy.

Tony was awarded an AM - Order of Australia in 2014. He was recognised as a Member of the Order of Australia (General Division) for significant service to the ecotourism industry, particularly to nature-based recreation and to environmental education and visitor programs.

Dr. Elizabeth Saxon
Director, Consulting Division (Tony Charters & Associates)

Elizabeth Saxon holds a doctorate in sustainability assessment in tourism and has 8 years experience in sustainable tourism projects.

She has worked:

  • with ecotourism operators to develop sustainability assessment indicators and frameworks;
  • in the tertiary education sector developing and delivering undergraduate and masters level courses in environmental management and ecotourism;
  • at senior levels in environmental management in local government and;
  • in sustainable tourism planning and policy at the state government level

Elizabeth is currently Director of the Consulting Division at Tony Charters and Associates where she plays a key role in proposal development, project management and team coordination.

As Principal Tourism Analyst (Projects) she also provides specific expertise and input where required into:

  • sustainable tourism planning and policy;
  • environmental planning and policy;
  • developing triple bottom line reporting frameworks and sustainability indicators for tourism;
  • resource and environmental economics;
  • stakeholder engagement, advocacy and partnership development;
  • social research and impact assessment;
  • facilitation and mediation and;
  • environmental education, training and interpretation

Janice Ban
Director of Business Development - Asia Pacific (Tony Charters & Associates)

Janice Ban has joined the team at Tony Charters and Associates (TCA) as Director of Business Development-Asia Pacific. Janice will work on a range of projects being developed by TCA, initially within Korea and China. With a strong background in aviation, and a masters degree in marketing, Janice will take an important place in the TCA team as we become more engaged in the Asia-Pacific region.

Belinda Ha
Events Coordinator (Management Solutions (Qld) and Tony Charters & Associates)

Belinda Ha is the Events Coordinator at Tony Charters & Associates. Belinda is a Bachelor of Journalism graduate from the University of Queensland. Previously a member of the events team with The Queensland Media Club, she has successfully supported the planning and coordination of events ranging in size from 200 to 850 guests including the Queensland Election 2012 Leaders' Great Debate.

As Events Coordinator for the SEGRA (Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia) Conference, Belinda has developed a reputation for her customer focus as well as attention to detail in all aspects of event management.