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Management Solutions (Qld) convenes a number of highly successful national conferences on emerging policy agendas. It employs a team with a serious and a time-tested understanding and knowledge about professionally facilitating the activities associated with conference management to ensure maximum outcomes for delegates and sponsors. Management Solutions programs are committed to a focus on emerging policy agendas and as such we utilise a wide variety of experience facilitators from across academia, government and industry with practical experience in the issues facing both the government and industry in the business environment.

Next Conference:

SEGRA 2017
18 - 20 October, Port Augusta, Upper Spencer Gulf, South Australia

SEGRA - Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia 2014

Australia's premier national conference on issues affecting regional Australia was staged 8 – 10 October 2014 in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, in the heart of the nation.

The Conference addressed the following themes and action agendas:

  • Regions prospering in a reshaped economy
  • Regional development strategies
  • Indigenous business success
  • Optimising economic growth from the F.T.A.s
  • Unleashing existing human, institutional and financial capacity in your region
  • Online, connected and empowered
  • Developing regional hubs - getting it right
  • Ideas beyond business as usual
  • Building the influence of your own town in its region
  • Population and regional growth
  • Northern Australia development - cross regional opportunities

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Next Conference:

2016 Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference
21 - 23 November, Hobart, Tasmania

Global Eco Tourism in Protected Areas Forum 2014

Ecotourism Australia contracted Tony Charters and Associates to stage the organisation's 22nd annual conference. The Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference, was held as a one day forum in 2014 from 20 - 22 November 2014 in Sydney, New South Wales in support of the World Parks Congress. The theme was Tourism in Protected Areas.

Global Eco brings together leading players from across the globe to examine best practice across sustainability, ecotourism and climate change response. Critical new research, policy and best practice case studies feature at Global Eco.

The conference aims to bring together sectors that have a direct and indirect role in delivering sustainable tourism and ecotourism and thus provides delegates with an excellent opportunity to examine and debate emerging issues and opportunities, review current best practices and collectively take a forward perspective on the industry.

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